Wills and Probate

A personal and sympathetic service is offered in dealing with the following sensitive matters:-


  • Will preparation - a preliminary Will Questionnaire can be provided as a guide, or you may prefer an initial appointment to talk about your requirements.

    • It is wise to review your Will from time to time, particularly if your personal circumstances change (e.g. divorce/dissolution of a civil partnership) or if there is a significant change to your assets.

    • Making changes to an existing Will, either by making a new Will or a Codicil. Changes should not be written on an original Will and need to be implemented in a new Will or a Codicil.

    • Your Will will be revoked by marriage/registration of civil partnership unless made specifically in contemplation of such marriage/civil partnership.

Old Documents
  • Obtaining Grant of Probate of a Will or Grant of Administration (where the Deceased did not leave a Will).


  • The administration of the estate of a Deceased, including closing accounts, selling or transferring property, paying legacies and preparing final Estate Accounts.

Probate Fees

My legal fees cover the work required to apply for a Grant of Probate of a Will or Grant of Administration (where the Deceased did not leave a Will), collecting and distributing the assets.

Average fees are £300 and disbursements* to apply for the Grant plus 1% of the value of the estate for collecting and distributing the estate assets.

Additional fees are likely if there is more than one property, more than 4 Bank or Building Society accounts, Inheritance Tax to pay, or a property to be sold.

*Grant applications fee £155 (£0.50 for each additional sealed copy), Swearing the Oath £7 (each Executor) £5 (each Administrator).

Timescale - on average up to 2 months to obtain the Grant then up to 4 months to collect the assets, prepare an Estate Account and distribute the assets.