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Residential Conveyancing

I have lengthy experience and local knowledge to help with your house move.


I can assist with the following matters:-

  • Freehold house sales including Mortgage redemption

  • Freehold house purchases*

  • Changes of Property Ownership

  • Declarations of Trust


Guidance can be given with appropriate searches on your house purchase

e.g. Coal Mining Report, Local Authority Search, Drainage Report.


I will keep you informed of progress made during the course of the transaction, communicate in plain language and explain the legal work that may be required.

*I no longer deal with house purchases with a Mortgage.

Residential Conveyancing Fees

My legal fees cover the work required to complete your sale (including Mortgage redemption if applicable) or purchase (including payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax** and registration at the Land Registry).

Average Conveyancing fees and disbursements*** on a freehold sale / cash purchase of up to £250,000:-

Legal fees £600

Land Registry fees - sale £6.00 (Register & Plan) - Purchase £153.00 (Title Search & registration fee)

Preliminary searches on a purchase £430.00

NB - My Practice is not VAT registered - VAT on legal fees nil. Disbursements include 20% VAT where applicable.

**The amount (if any) depends on the purchase price and your individual circumstances. A calculator can be found on the HMRC website.

***Costs related to your sale/purchase and payable to third parties e.g. Land Registry which I will handle on your behalf.


How long the sale/purchase takes:-

4-9 weeks on average depending on a number of factors e.g. the number of parties in the chain or a Purchaser in the chain requiring a Mortgage.

Stages of the process:-

These vary according to the nature of the transaction and include taking initial instructions, taking evidence of ID and evidence of funding (on a purchase) plus:-

On a Sale - Obtaining Title Deeds for unregistered property or evidence of ownership from the Land Registry for registered property, drafting Contract, preparing initial information forms, liaising with the Buyer's Solicitor and dealing with any enquiries raised, arranging for Contract to be signed and exchanging Contracts, approving draft Transfer and arranging execution, completing the sale, dealing with Mortgage redemption (if any) and accounting to you for the net sale proceeds.

On a Purchase - Approving the draft Contract, obtaining preliminary searches, raising enquiries, discussing the documents with you and arranging for the Contract to be signed, exchanging Contracts, drafting Transfer and arranging execution, preparing Completion Statement, completing the purchase, dealing with the payment of Stamp Duty Land Tax (if any) and registration at the Land Registry.

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